UX Australia: Shaping the future of the BBC News for the connected home

This is the main conference presentation I co-presented with Massive’s Creative Director, Derek Ellis. I had a lot of fun presenting this one, which, unfortunately for us was up against the amazing Jon Kolko in the other room. Oh well! We still managed to fill the room nonetheless.

Audio is not yet available, but I’ll update this when it is.

The abstract:
Connected and Smart TVs are poised to seed a resurgence of the big screen as the heart of enhanced entertainment and information services in the connected home. But what is the role of the big screen when a service is available on multiple platforms?

How do we as consumers negotiate viewing at peak usage times for a shared device, and what does that imply for on-demand information services, which must compete for attention with appointment viewing?

The challenge: To design a new experience of BBC News for the big screen at the heart of the connected home.

Join us as we share the learnings we’ve gained partnering with the BBC to differentiate their News on IPTV service to deliver:

* An adaptive interface which scales smoothly between fullscreen video and deep engagement with text-based content.
* An experience that supports varying information needs at peak viewing times, allowing users to both skim and dig.
* Increased satisfaction (improved relevance) – by delivering both the stories I’m interested in alongside the BBC News I trust.

You will also gain practical insight into the discipline required to design for the big screen, covering:

* Designing for simplicity: creating efficient interaction models for remote controlled 10ft UIs.
* Revealing complexity: designing a UI which progressively moves the user into a fullscreen experience.